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5 thoughts on “Questions? Q&A

  1. So tell me, how does one actually get everything working? Give me step-by-step directions to get this minecraft thing off the ground. I have the Magic Launcher 0.9.8, but now what? What do I do from here?

    • Basically when you run magiclauncher it should say Setup, Options, and Login.
      Click Setup. A new window will pop up, on the right side it says Download, Add, up/down, remove. Click Add. Find the mods that you have. Click on the .zip file (or .jar) and click open. Click test, if it works, then hit OK and login. If it doesn’t make sure you have Mod-Loader and all the Requirements! If this is confusing check out the magiclauncher page. They should have a tutorial in more detail. Note that my server is not finished yet, and you can find updated info at
      I will add a tutorial on my site, since that seems logical…

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