Welcome to MineCraft Mega
IP may change after a month or so!
so if the server is down for more then a few days
check this page to see if the IP has changed

MineCraft Mega Hosting MegaMech’s Maze and More
This server includes a Survival and a Creative world!!! FREEBUILD ROX
no? don’t want that? Try the Maze! 

We try to be the nicest and most helpful server, tired of white lists? tired of servers that say “Free-Build” but won’t let you build? We help right away, and immediately send you to the creative world and Upgrade you to builder.

Don’t want Creative? well each world has warps to send you to the Opposite worlds! Bored? Try the Maze! it’s not fully finished but I’ll be happy to let everyone “beta test” it. When you get to the end, there is a Huge surprise for you!
At the moment only the server Owner can up people to the next rank so if he’s not on try later!
Please note: New people start in a world that has no meaning and the only way out is to be Teleported out.