Server almost up!

Well the servers one month is almost up…

Since not to many people have been playing I’m thinking on letting it go… I haven’t been playing on it either

This website of course will stay so if the server ever is up again (it probably will) the IP will be posted here. Or if I get demands for the server to be up again!
And of course if anyone wants a schematic of their Build/House I will happily upload it through and send him/her a link



Are you new? You spawn in a different world from everybody else.
Find an admin to teleport you to the main spawn, and Rank you into the Builders Group!
Admin/Owner not online?
Comment on the Ranking page, and an Admin will rank you asap
(not required to play on this server)

Terms/Cond’s of this server:
Read the Rules /rules (only about 4 rules)