goto (everything will be the same)

or (it might not be much it’s for educational purposes) 😛


server down :(

the server’s down but it seems the old IP is in use by someone else… they have a whitelist they don’t seem to ever be on either.

It’ll be up again sometime, I’ll probably wait until my maze is completed!

Server almost up!

Well the servers one month is almost up…

Since not to many people have been playing I’m thinking on letting it go… I haven’t been playing on it either

This website of course will stay so if the server ever is up again (it probably will) the IP will be posted here. Or if I get demands for the server to be up again!
And of course if anyone wants a schematic of their Build/House I will happily upload it through and send him/her a link


Are you new? You spawn in a different world from everybody else.
Find an admin to teleport you to the main spawn, and Rank you into the Builders Group!
Admin/Owner not online?
Comment on the Ranking page, and an Admin will rank you asap
(not required to play on this server)

Terms/Cond’s of this server:
Read the Rules /rules (only about 4 rules)